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Name Index

I don't have much information on the Durrin family. Ambrose and Hannah were married June 21, 1849. Either they started the Madison Lake Sawmill, or the son William did. They manufactured pickets for picket fences and specialized in Wagon and Cabinet wood. Ambrose was born August 7, 1827 and died April 19, 1901. Hannah was born July 1822 and died Jan 24, 1866, when baby Eber was only 4 years old. Eber died at only 15. Nothing is said about how these tragic deaths occurred.

Ambrose Durrin Family

Children of Ambrose and Hannah Durrin

Walter Durrin; B. May 4, 1850 M. ?? died ??
William Durrin; b. Oct. 16, 1851 M. ?? died ??
Eliza Blanch Durrin; B. May 24, 1854 M. Charles Wesley Northup; Dec 24, 1872 died; 1917
Roziltha Durrin; b. April 9, 1857 M. ?? died ??
Eber Durrin; b. Sept. 4, 1862 M. no died Jan. 2, 1877